What Are The Die Cutting Machine Materials?

1. PVC film die-cutting processing The core material of PVC film is PVC, which is usually used for film protection of plates, tube products, soles, doors and windows, wire sheaths, and exterior protection of home appliances. Processed, customized into different shapes to reduce material waste.

2. Shielding material die-cutting processing Because the shielding material has a strong shielding function, it is widely used in the electronic equipment industry, such as mobile phones, computers, etc., electrical appliance manufacturers can be processed by die-cutting processing manufacturers to make different thicknesses and shapes. Conductive cloth to save material usage.

3.OCA optical plastic die-cutting process OCA optical adhesive as its name suggests, this material is more professional in optical application, usually used to protect the display screen, with its unique characteristics can better protect the product components. Scratches were created, causing unnecessary waste.

4. Protective film die-cutting protective film is a film that protects various products, such as mobile phone protective film, automobile protective film, fruit fresh-keeping protective film, etc. Usually these materials are classified into PP material, PVC material, PET material. , AR material, PE material, OPP material, OCA material.

5. Anti-vibration material die-cutting processing Because the anti-vibration material needs different thicknesses and different shapes for different products, the optimal distribution of resources can be obtained. At this time, die-cutting processing is needed to transform it, and the whole piece of anti-vibration raw materials will be used. Perform die cutting processing such as cutting and stamping.

Post time: Dec-14-2017